2018 Intensive

Community Trance Dance Ritual:
Creating Your Own

with Kim Duckett and Barb Lutz/Tribas

Kim Duckett and Tribas’ Trance Dances at the annual RCG-I Priestess Gathering have become a favorite Friday night Ritual and Rite of Passage for many. This WTI intensive will provide learnings and practice in creating the environment, music, and psychological foundations of how you can provide your Goddess/women’s community with this ecstatic and “deep fun” way of communing with ourSelves, each other, and Spirit.

Join the Asheville Amazon Moon WTI circle for this intensive in beautiful Black Mountain, North Carolina. April 13-15, 20018

Weekend Overview

On Friday evening we will gather to share the herstory and styles of trance dance.

Saturday we learn the nuts and bolts of creating a safe sacred space for a trance dance. In the evening we will co-create a trance dance.

Sunday we will reflect on the experience and go deeper into trance dance psychology.

Intensive Facilitators

Kim Duckett, Ph.D.

Kim Duckett, Ph.D., Priestess, has been teaching women’s studies in university settings for nearly 30 years, including classes in women’s psychology. She is the founder and spiritual director of WHISPER: Land of the Sky Chapter of the Reformed Congregation of the Goddess – International, in Asheville, NC, where she offers classes, circles, rituals, and A Year and a Day Sacred Mystery School for Women. Kim travels nationally to teach the year-long training of Wheel of the Year as a Spiritual Psychology for Women.

Barb Lutz/Tribas

Barb Lutz/Tribas’s altars and shamanic creation of sacred space and ritual has garnered her praise and an honored position in the RCG-I’s Goddess community.  Through her Art and her Guardian Heart, she serves Her, as she co-creates “A Year and a Day Sacred Mystery School for Women” (Asheville, NC) and travels the country co-presenting “The Wheel of the Year as a Spiritual Psychology for Women,” with her Priestess, Kim Duckett.